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11/ I am lost again

Oh, just use the light

Idea: The building’s floors should be rebuilt to include a lighting system that reads in people’s minds. If you are in the need for a cup of tea the lights on the floor will indicate your shortest way to the nearest tea parlour; if you are searching for great art, the lighting system will take you straight to one of the masterpieces present in the collection.

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10/ I am lost

Navigate yourself

Idea: The building is seen by many people as a maze. To help people find their way through the building there will be a navigation system available that will guide them through the space. You can choose to visit Garman Ryan Collection and the device would take you there navigating through the space. Extra benefits: a soothing nerves voice of the navigator:  Walk 10 meter straight, press the button to call the lift, enter the lift…..

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9/ Picturesque

View through the glass

Idea: Visitors are taken on a tour that concentrates on views that can be seen through the gallery windows, and how the windows frame the world.
(1) Some of the windows frame pieces of sky – this to be linked with John Constanble’s work and his fascination with British weather. The tour could be prepared for people who wish to sketch as they walk through the space and wish to undertake sky studies.
(2) Some of the windows frame Walsall plus from the roof top one can see amazing view of the gallery (See it as God sees it!). Exploring the beauty of Walsall framed by the windows.

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8/ What if…

… Different architects were chosen!

Idea: 73 entrants from all over the Europe put their ideas forward to build The New Art Gallery. Only one practice could be chosen, but what if somebody else won?
Go on a tour of the building that would exist if different architect was chosen; i.e. ‘muf’ practise proposed artists’ allotments on the roof, 24h bar/café, tattoo parlour as well as launderette to be part of the gallery building.

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7/ Tour in Polish

See how great art is in your own language

Idea: The tour of the gallery lead by an Englishman speaking very basic Polish for Polish people. It is important that the Englishman speaks basic Polish with strong English accent (to reverse the usual situation of Polish people speaking usually basic English with very strong Polish accent).
This tour idea also addresses the assumption among Poles that English people are not able to learn their language.

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6/ Boredom

Bored to death with art!!

Idea: Visitors are given a map of the gallery with marked top attractions, during brief 10 minutes walk round the spaces they are showed only few main artworks and given ‘boring’ facts about them. By the end of the tour they are handed in an evaluation sheet to fill in with boring questions i.e. were you bored (yes/no); mark on the scale how bored you were (1 – bored slightly 5 – bored to death); would you recommend a boring tour to a/ a friend b/ an enemy c/ both; what could be done to make the tour more boring. A boring piece of cake and a boring cup of tea will be provided to make the filling in the form experience even more boring. As people exit they can choose to take with them one of 3 badges with: bored to death/ how boring / bored – written on them

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5/ Plug in!

Art with a soundtrack of choice!

Idea: Listen to an especially composed best that will help you understand and appreciate art before your eyes. Bring your iPod and choose the desired track. Tour to be available in 4 music genres: Garman classic; Ryan & Pop; Country Garman; Heavy Ryan.
Downloadable from iTunes (as well as gallery website).
Once can enjoy the tour at home and play the music while browsing through the purchased catalogue of the collection

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4/ NAG town

Celebrate the civic space!

Idea: Convert the gallery into town space. Give each corridor a street name, call each floor ‘a neighbourhood’, and make sure that on each floor different aspect of the town emerges: park & benches on the roof; Mr Sizzle in the entrance hall, nursery, betting counter, market street – all to be include din the gallery. On smaller scale of course but to guarantee town like feel. Art? The art is in the town centre.

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3/ Complimentary line

Art with an extra line of text

Idea: Turner often complimented his landscape narratives with the addition of verse by poets such as Milton, Byron etc.
The idea is to prepare a line of complimentary text from contemporary authors for each artwork at the collection. The experience of looking at art is enriched by the line of the text from poems or prose.
The text can be given to gallery visitors as they enter the gallery collection, or read out loud to them during Complementary Line Tours.

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2/ Scandal! (The Sun)

Garmans’ secret lives revealed

Idea: The tour is based on a book The Rare & the Beautiful. The lives of Garmans by Cressida Connolly. The book revels Garmans way of life that must have been shocking to their contemporaries. If Garmans were born in XXI Century their lives would definitely be watched closely by Hello!
The tour concentrates on gossipy parts of their lives, multiple affairs, dark & mysterious stories.